Novel ligand for I2-imidazoline binding sites (I2BS) now produced by PharmaSynth AS

PharmaSynth AS is now producing and commercializing BU99007, a precursor for [11C]BU99008, a selective and specific radioligand for I2-imidazoline binding sites (I2BS), as well as its reference standard.

For more information regarding the ligand activity and findings, please consult the publications:

Evaluation of 11C-BU99008, a PET Ligand for the Imidazoline2 Binding Sites in Rhesus Brain
​Parker, C. A. et al., J. Nucl. Med. 2014, 55, 838-844,

Evaluation and initial in vitro and ex vivo characterization of the potential positron emission tomography ligand, BU99008 (2-(4,5-Dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-1- methyl-1H-indole), for the imidazoline2 binding site
Tyacke, R. J. et al., Synapse 2012, 66, 542-551.


Reference standard for [11C]BU99008


CAS: 108796-88-9


Precursor for [11C]BU99008


CAS: 1415702-13-4

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