History timeline


  • PharmaSynth was awarded with GMP certificate for all of our precursors and reference compounds.


  • Audited by customers on our GMP production.


  • [11C]UCB-J precursor and reference compound added to the portfolio.

2015 - 2016

  • Successfully audited by the State Agency of Medicines for API registration and GMP cetrificate. 
  • Re-audited by two companies for GMP production.

2013 - 2014  

  • PharmaSynth has a new image and new website.
  • Construction of quality control facility starts.


  • A number of more than 90 molecules in our product portfolio is reached.
  • Re-audited by two companies for GMP production.


  • First synthesis of β-FDHT.


  • PBR28, Tosylethyl-PE2I are produced and distributed by PharmaSynth.


  • New products added to our portfolio, such as: (+)-DTBZ, MePPEP.


  • Introduction of PIB.
  • First audits conducted successfully by two major pharmaceutical companies.
  • Production facilities expands to two fully equipped laboratories.


  • Introduction of new products: FLB457, FD2-MeNER, β-CFT.
  • Partnership with Karolinska Institute, Sweden, for test-labeling services of our precursors.


  • Collaboration agreement with NARD Institute, Japan, for molecule development and distribution in Asian countries.
  • Partnership with Tartu University, Estonia, for quality control services.
  • Synthesis and commercialization of DASB, PK11195, NER, D2-Deprenyl.


  • The construction of the modern laboratories, that can facilitate GMP production, has started.
  • Synthesis and commercialization of PE2I, MADAM, TMSX.


  • PharmaSynth is founded in Estonia, with offices and production facilities in Tartu Science Park, as a response to the growing demand of certified molecules used in PET and SPECT imaging studies.